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Doesn't seem to do anything

Love the concept but it doesn't give an alert and there doesn't seem to be a place for settings. I've moved the bar to my target temp and .... nothing. Pretty plant icon, though.

It's cool ;-)

Simple app. Simple interface. <-- I consider both of these as good. It does what it says.

Great concept in need of tweaking

I can totally relate to the developer's story of wasting beautiful summer days indoors slaving away in front of a screen. This app is a good remedy to that. I also use it to remind me before I go to bed to open my windows and shut off my air conditioner to save electricity. As for the performance of this app, it has a very minimal interface. What you see is what you get. A simple slider below and the current "feels like" temperature above. There are two things this app does not do: 1. It does not always notify you right when the temperature reaches whatever you have set, rather when it updates (on some periodic interval) and the temperature is below whatever you have set. I have mine set at 73° and this afternoon I got a notification that it was 68° outside. Not a deal breaker, just a bit late. 2. It does not notify you when the temperature rises above what you have set (perhaps we need a companion app called "It's Warm"). I would love to have a reminder to close my windows and kick on my air conditioner in the morning but sadly instead my reminder comes in the form of sweat. Credit where credit is due, the app does as it says. It notifies you when it's cool.

Clearly fake reviews

This app simply does not work. The temperature has dropped and the app did not update. It shows the same exact temp all day. I deleted the app and requested a refund and I'm disappointed that I wasted my time and money on this. I'm back to using my other weather apps which actually work.


Guess I dont understand it and since there is NO information anywhere it is pretty useless. Money spent for nothing since it does nothing. Poorly designed.

Tinrocket Rocks

This developer has shown how being aware of your customers and responding to them should work! Any app by this company is colorful, pleasing to use, smooth and fun. Try all their apps for some of the best experiences and genuine fun you'll have for a while!

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